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Paragliding Operators, Flight Instructors and Tandem Pilots - Timbis, Bali

Every Middle of march through November the southerly trade winds roll in off the Indian Ocean like clockwork, making it possible to fly the southern coast of the Bukit Peninsula, from the Nikko Bali Hotel at Nusa Dua to the Puri Bali Villas at Nyang-Nyang. A total of 12 kilometres of soarable ridge ranging from 100 to 1,000 feet above sea level, suited for novice through to advanced paraglider pilots.

Whether your goal is to experience passage on a tandem flight, to undertake a paragliding course and eventually fly solo as pilot in command, or perhaps to bring your canopy on holiday for a Bali paragliding tour, you’re invited to join us at Timbis for some sun and fun in the skies at our local flying sites.

Our professional team of safety conscious pilots and instructors have thousands of hours of flying experience and the flight safety officer lives onsite at Timbis. He knows the local conditions better than anyone!

We can also help arrange accommodation near the flying sites, land based transport (private hire or with driver), onsite equipment storage, porterage services and local guides as required.


Fly Paradise

Thinking of visiting Bali? How about a flying holiday? Our Bali paragliding tours are specifically tailored to your individual needs (we recommend Garuda Indonesia as your carrier to Bali). Contact us to discuss your requirements.

For non-fliers, how about a tandem flight combined with a guided tour of Kintamani and Ubud? Or perhaps learn to fly whilst you’re on vacation by joining one of our paragliding courses. The sky is the limit!

We can even arrange guided trips to paragliding sites in Java and Lombok.

Tour dates, place availability and prices upon request

Visiting Pilots

Visiting international pilots wishing to fly the various Balinese paragliding sites must pay a visiting pilot membership fee to the Timbis Aero Club.

Rp. 500,000* (3 months)

Note: The Indonesian paragliding governing body, the Persatuan Olahraga Dirgantara Layang Gantung Indonesia (PLGI), requires that all visiting pilots carry credentials to act as pilot in command of a paraglider.

* includes PLGI membership.

Tandem Flight above Pandawa Beach , Timbis Beach , Gunung Payung Beach & Tanah Barak Beach.

Get Above Bali

If the idea of watching the sunset from a comfortable seat above the ground, supported by the buoyant evening air, with perhaps a bird of prey joining you off your wing tip sounds appealing, then a tandem paraglider flight is for you.

Join us for a flight from Timbis or Gunung Payung on the Bukit Peninsula and soar high above the rugged southern coastline of Bali with one of our tandem pilots.

Tandem Flights

Perfect for the adventure seeker, each tandem flight (weather permitting) is preceded by a short instructional briefing. All equipment supplied.

Free pick up available around Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Uluwatu.

  • 15 minutes USD 110 /pax includes insurance, photos and video*

Payment by Visa, Mastercard and Debit cards accepted.

* government tax included.

Fly Tandem Candidasa

Get Above Candidasa Bali

Flying high above Candi Dasa affords magnificent views of Mount Agung, Bali’s most sacred mountain/volcano. You will be soaring close to the Sang Hyang Ambu Temple with sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, the flight ends with a gentle landing on an uncrowded beach in the Candi Dasa where you can enjoy a swim after the flight if you wish

how does that sound?

does that make you want to come for a fly with me at Candi Dasa lol

Free pick up available around Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Uluwatu.

  • 20 minutes USD 180 /pax includes insurance, photos and video*

Payment by Visa, Mastercard and Debit cards accepted.

What to wear:

Running shoes , Sunglasses.
Best time to fly at 1:30pm , 2pm or 3pm

* government tax included.


2 Day Introductory Paragliding Course

To give you a taste of being a pilot in command of a paraglider. Ground handling and practical in-flight tandem coaching. Under instructor supervision, you will launch, soar and land a paraglider… solo! Approx. 4 hours per day (weather permitting). All equipment supplied.

4 Day Trainee Paraglider Pilot Course

Following on from the above course, additional sessions cover theory of flight, air rules, meteorology and aerodynamics. Sit a written exam at the end to acquire a Student Pilot (PS) rated license, enabling you to fly supervised.

6-7 Day Novice Paraglider Pilot Course

Follow on with your PS rating and learn about active flying, advanced flight manoeuvres and rapid descent techniques to qualify for an internationally recognised Club Pilot (PL1) rated license. This license is recognised internationaly and enables you to fly unsupervised.

Course dates, place availability and prices upon request.


Paragliding Bali T-shirts

Various styles, sizes and colours with a paragliding Bali theme.

Item availability and price upon request*

Paragliding Equipment

Our team can help you source Gin canopies & paragliding equipment, Woody Valley harnesses and Flytec flight instruments. Compare our prices.

Item availability and price upon request*

* government tax included.

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