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Fly Paradise

Thinking of visiting Bali? How about a flying holiday? Our Bali paragliding tours are specifically tailored to your individual needs (we recommend Garuda Indonesia as your carrier to Bali). Contact us to discuss your requirements.

For non-fliers, how about a tandem flight combined with a guided tour of Kintamani and Ubud? Or perhaps learn to fly whilst you're on vacation by joining one of our paragliding courses. The sky is the limit!

We can even arrange guided trips to paragliding sites in Java and Lombok.

■ Tour dates, place availability and prices upon request

Visiting Pilots

Visiting international pilots wishing to fly the various Balinese paragliding sites must pay a visiting pilot membership fee to the Timbis Aero Club.

■ Rp. 500,000* (3 months)

Note: The Indonesian paragliding governing body, the Persatuan Olahraga Dirgantara Layang Gantung Indonesia (PLGI), requires that all visiting pilots carry credentials to act as pilot in command of a paraglider.

Contact us for more information. * includes PLGI membership.

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